Will Copying DSParams from Lower version to Higher version cause issues?

The DSParams file contains the values for all the parameters and environment variables of a DataStage Project. The structure of this file changes in different releases of DataStage. As result, copying a DSParams from a different release is not a valid procedure and it should never be attempted. Doing this will cause unexpected behavior in DataStage, including abnormal terminations. Depending … Read more >>

DataStage Errors while viewing data using View Data on Oracle Connector Stage

Most of the times the following error occurs for “view data” and “test connection” actions in Connector stage properties, even though the job itself runs successfully without any warnings

An Exception occurred while trying to receive the response form the handler: An exception was received from the handler: Error loading connector library libccora10g.so. libcIntsh.so.10.1: cannot open shared object filr: No