How to Enable Connector Debugging levels in DataStage

How to Enable Connector Debugging levels in DataStage

I have recently faced couple of errors and I tried to debug with Standard errors and I am not able to debug much and fix the errors while developing the jobs

Here are the some steps to enable Debugging in Connector Stages in DataStage Designer (However these variables cannot be used in PROD without a Design change)

To turn on debugging information for the DataStage DB2 Connector, you need to enable CC_MSG_LEVEL variable in Designer Client

Levels of Debugging Levels:

CC_MSG_LEVEL to 2 produces debugging output.

CC_MSG_LEVEL to 1 produces tracing output.

To set the CC_MSG_LEVEL environment variable in the DataStage Designer, follow the steps below: In the DataStage Designer,

  1. Right-click on the job and select Properties.
  2. On the Job Properties dialog, select the Parameters tab.
  3. Click the Add Environment Variable button.
  4. On the Choose environment variable dialog, click on the (New…) text at the top of the dialog.
  5. In the Create new environment variable dialog, enter “CC_MSG_LEVEL” into both the Name and Prompt fields, and click OK.
  6. In the Choose environment variable dialog, under the User Defined section, click on the newly created CC_MSG_LEVEL text. (This should add a row for CC_MSG_LEVEL to the table on the Parameters tab.)
  7. On the Job Properties dialog click OK.
  8. Compile the job
  9. Run the job from the Director and, when prompted, enter “1” for the value of CC_MSG_LEVEL.

The debugging/tracing information will appear in the DataStage Director log output.

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