Job fails to abort even though warning threshold has reached

Job fails to abort even though warning threshold has reached

In Designer/Director, when I was running a job with more warnings, the abort was not raised even though the warning threshold was set to 50; The job status in Director sometimes shows Abort and other times, it shows Finished (see log). I was pretty much confused with job status and started debugging

the root cause of the problem can be an osh message produces a WARNING which is escalated to a FATAL because the WARNING limit is reached, the osh process cannot always be aborted because the osh messages are processed asynchronously.

If the osh process is aborted, then the job termination status will be set to ABORTED and the job must be reset before it can be run again.

But if the osh process runs to completion before the WARNING is escalated, the the job termination status is set to FINISHED with WARNINGS.

To handle this situation

Go to DataStage Administrator

  • Select a Project
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Environment
  • Under the ‘User Defined’ section, create a new environment variable called DS_FORCE_ABORT_AT_WARN_LIMIT with a value of 1

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