Will Copying DSParams from Lower version to Higher version cause issues?

Will Copying DSParams from Lower version to Higher version cause issues?

The DSParams file contains the values for all the parameters and environment variables of a DataStage Project. The structure of this file changes in different releases of DataStage. As result, copying a DSParams from a different release is not a valid procedure and it should never be attempted. Doing this will cause unexpected behavior in DataStage, including abnormal terminations. Depending the version of DataStage that you are using there are different methods that you can use to copy environment variables.


Before 8.5, DataStage did not include any functionality to export and import variables. If you have a large number of variables that you need to copy between projects and don’t want to manually create or set these values in Administrator then you can manually edit or replace the DSParams file if you follow these recommendations:

  • Before you edit or replace the DSParams, always get a backup in case you need to rollback the changes.
  • Never copy a DSParams file from a project running on a different version of DataStage or from a different platform as this file may be introducing or missing parameters or variables that don’t apply to your current version. Only copy DSParams files from projects running on the exact same DataStage version and platform.
  • After editing or replacing the DSParams file, restart the Engine to reflect the changes. Then confirm the values are correct using Administrator.
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